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Global Travel Clinic Directory

The Global Travel Clinic Directory and its links to travel clinic Web pages identify travel medicine practitioners and clinics operated by members of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). These listings or links are a service to our individual members provided at the request of the member whose Web site or other information is listed. The content of the listing, or of any link to a practitioner's or clinic's Web site, is exclusively under the control of that practitioner or clinic. Inclusion of that practitioner or clinic, or link to such practitioner or clinic, is not an undertaking by ISTM to represent any such practitioner or clinic and does not in any way constitute an endorsement or warranty (whether expressed or implied) of the practitioner or clinic, or of the quality of medical advice provided by or the professional skill or qualifications of any individual health care provider. ISTM has not verified or confirmed any of the data, credentials, or other information that is listed by these providers. ISTM maintains no control over these providers and does not provide a warranty of any sort to any user of the Directory, or of any linked Web site, against any loss or damage caused by any practitioners or clinics accessible from the Web sites listed or accessible from such Directory. Issues of quality or professional qualification should be raised directly with the individual practitioner, clinic or operator identified in the list or these links.

The Directory and the listings and information contained in it are made available solely for personal, non-commercial use by individual consumers, subject to the other terms and conditions herein, and may not be used, reproduced or distributed by any other party or for any other purpose, without the express prior written permission of ISTM. Any use other than as described in the preceding sentence, including, without limitation, use by a business or other organisation as part of a commercial or proprietary enterprise, is expressly prohibited. Inquiries regarding permitted use should be addressed to Chairman, Publication Committee, ISTM,

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