ISTM Meetings

Since 1991 ISTM has presented an International Congresses every other year in Europe or North America. The ISTM International Congresses offer travel medicine specialists the opportunity to learn the most up to date information in the field. In the past decade travel medicine has emerged as a distinct multidisciplinary medical specialty involving all travel related aspects of existing medical specialties such as infectious diseases, tropical medicine, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology, occupational medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics.

ISTM International Congresses share the advances in the science and art of travel medicine while allowing those new to the field an introduction to this exciting medical discipline.

ISTM began cooperating with local, national and regional societies on biennial Regional Meetings in 2004. The regional meetings provide up to date information more focused on regional issues, and offer travel medicine professionals the opportunity to meet with their nearby colleagues more regularly. Most often Regional Meetings are held in conjunction with local, national and regional travel medicine societies, and can be instrumental in strengthening the local societies. ISTM also considers conducting Regional Meetings in areas where there are no established societies, and the meetings can be used as a catalyst to establishing same.

The ISTM Travel Medicine Review and Update Courses are designed to review the Body of Knowledge for the Practice of Travel Medicine and to highlight recent developments in Travel Medicine. The curriculum covers topics relevant to physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals who provide medical care and advice to travellers, expatriates, and migrants.

To expand the reach of the ISTM educational curriculum, it has established an Online Learning Program capturing individual sessions from the CISTMs and ISTM Review Courses since 2011 and have made them available through the internet. Topics are relevant to all travel medicine practitioners, with both introductory and more advanced content. Offering both video with synchronized slides, and audio with synchronized slides, individual sessions range from 30 minutes to four hours.