The Journal of Travel Medicine


Editor-in-Chief: Annelies Wilder-Smith, United Kingdom
Deputy Editor: Eli Schwartz, Israel

As of 1 January 2016 Oxford University Press (OUP) has taken over as publisher of the ISTM Journal of Travel Medicine (JTM) , which is an online only publication, available to all ISTM Members as an exclusive ISTM Member Benefit via the ISTM and OUP websites. 

ISTM members can access the JTM by logging in here.

The Journal of Travel Medicine transports you to the challenging areas of your field with up-to-date research and original, peer-reviewed articles on

  • Epidemiology of health risks among various groups of travelers, including migrants, refugees
  • Aspects of adventure travel, e.g. diving, effects of high altitude
  • Travel related aspects of occupational and military medicine
  • Prevention of illness and accidents in travelers, e.g. by education, immunization, medication
  • Diagnosis, clinical management and therapy of travel and migration associated disease
  • Self-therapy abroad, including travel kit
  • Impact of travel on host countries

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Journal of Travel Medicine Article Database

We now have a categorised database of articles published in the the JTM from the past 3 years. This resource may be of value to Members as an informational source for those looking for focused guidance for clinical problems, or completing reviews.  To simplify your search, it might be helpful to use the Control + F keyboard function to search the database by key words.

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Travellers' Diarrhea Guidelines

Some articles and/or issues of the Journal of Travel Medicine are available on an open-access basis.  The most recent of these is the Travellers' Diarrhea Supplemental Issue, which summarizes much of the information from ISTM's Travellers' Diarrhea Summit, held in 2016.  The TD supplemental issue can be accessed here, and includes several articles, including:

  • New TD Guidelines on the treatment and prevention of TD
  • New molecular diagnostic tools in traveller’s diarrhea
  • Changes in microbiome during and after travellers’ diarrhea
  • ...and much, much more!