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Membership & Benefits

Watch ISTM leaders share the history of travel medicine and ISTM, how their membership has been meaningful to their career including educational benefits, professional collaboration, and connecting with an international community of travel medicine professionals.

The ISTM, with more than 4,000 members in 100 countries, is the largest organisation of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the specialty of travel medicine. Members include physicians, nurses and other health professionals from academia, government and the private sector. ISTM invites all who are interested in travel medicine to join and participate in the advancement of this field.

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Types of Membership

ISTM membership is granted to individuals, and is not transferrable to another person.

Membership Categories
(includes all privileges and benefits, unless otherwise noted below)

Doctoral Membership (Physician, DSc, PhD, PharmD)

Non-Doctoral Membership (Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician's Assistant, Pharmacist)

Residents of Low- and Low-Middle Income countries may be eligible for
discounted Associate Member rates  please see below for details.

Associate Memberships
Associate members reside in a country classified by the World Bank as Low Income or Low-Middle Income. This rate does not apply to Expatriates. The current World Bank Classifications of low and low-middle income countries can be found here.

Associate Doctoral (Physician, DSc, PhD, PharmD)

Associate Non-Doctoral (Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistants, Pharmacist)

Retiree Memberships (All disciplines)
Retiree membership is available for all both doctoral and non-doctoral professionals who are over the age of 65 and fully retired from gainful employment. This membership category includes all privileges and benefits other than a listing in the Online Global Travel Clinic Locator.

Limited Membership: Students/Trainees
Limited membership is available for full-time students in undergraduate or postgraduate training. This membership category includes all privileges and benefits other than a listing in the Online Global Travel Clinic Locator.

Note: Student/Trainee memberships are subject to ISTM approval, are limited to 1-year terms, and may be continued for no more than 5 years. Student/Trainee members must complete and submit a Training Certification with their membership or renewal application. Membership will not be active or renewed until the completed Certification form is received.

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Membership Year

Your membership in the ISTM begins on the day you join or renew. You will have immediate online access to the Journal of Travel Medicine, the exclusive MyISTM communities and list serve, as well as many other benefits and entitlements. Membership dues are not pro-rated and cannot be transferred to another individual.