Military Travel

Council Members

  • Olivier Aoun, France, Chair
  • Holly Doyne, United States of America, Co-chair
  • Mildred Casey-Campbell, Canada, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Steven Schofield,  Canada


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Are you a healthcare provider interested in medical readiness of, or caring for military service members?

ISTM Executive Board has approved the Military Travel Interest Group. This group is free to join with your ISTM membership and will give you the opportunity to collaborate with other ISTM members who work with Deployed military personnel.

Through history, military medicine has contributed and continues to contribute to major scientific advances in the fields of epidemiology, vaccinology, psychiatry, infectious diseases, tropical medicine, and as a consequence of travel medicine. Deployed military personnel represent a unique travel cohort typically characterized as young, disciplined, trained, predominantly male, strictly selected, controlled, and regularly monitored population, travelling in groups for occupational reasons.

Goals for the Group

  • Increase cooperation between military providers for improving pre-, during, and post-deployment care.
  • Improve international networking between military providers.
  • Facilitate the development of the best practices regarding prevention and treatment of deployment-related health issues.
  • Promote visibility and support of military travel medicine within the ISTM.
  • Advance the science of military medicine and provide professional education about military travelers.
  • Alert and educate non-military health care providers who deal with service members to the unique requirements, exposures and needs of the military.
  • Introduce travel medicine to the military healthcare providers in order to expand their knowledge, attitude, and practices.

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CISTM16 Activities in Washington, DC, United States of America

During CISTM16 in Washington, DC, the Military Travel Interest Group held a four-hour Pre-Course with 10 speakers from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, United Kingdom, and the United States of America (refer to pictures 1-2). Topics ranged from dermatology and infectious disease to military readiness and psychiatry. Highlights included Ebola, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), leishmaniasis and smallpox. As part of the main conference, a symposium on military deployment-related health issues was held 7 June 2019, with speakers from France, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America (refer to picture 3). Topics included diarrhea prevention, an on-site approach to fever, skin and soft tissue infections (SSTI), and management of psychiatric events during combat and non-combat deployments. Our sincere thanks to the 30 and 50 individuals who respectively attended these sessions.

On 7 June 2019, we held our first general meeting. Key points were:

- the group is open to all healthcare personnel interested in or treating the military,
- the 5 council members should be actively involved and available,
- representation of all nations is to be prioritized by directly reaching out through known contacts, and
- a Malaysian military member (to be determined) will be invited to participate in the leadership council to assume the position of local organizer (replacing the former United States of America council member) as we plan for CISTM17 in 2021.

We would also like to deeply thank all those who supported our group by buying our coin as 78 were sold out of the 100 manufactured! We truly appreciated it!

We are counting on all of you to continue in helping us promote our group!

Military PreCourse

PC4 Military Travellers Pre-Course: Deployment-Related Health Issues, 5 June 2019 (Left to Right, Back to Front row) John Sanders (United States of America), Anne McCarthy (Canada), Martin Haditsch (Austria), Gary Wynn (United States of America), Eric Garges (United States of America), Christophe Rapp (France), Olivier Aoun (France); Lucy Lamb (United Kingdom), Mark Riddle (United States of America); Patrick Soentjens (Belgium)

Military Symposium

SY8 Military Travel Symposium: It's Not a Family Holiday, 7 June 2019 (Left to Right, Back to Front row) Lucy Lamb (United Kingdom), David Benedek (United States of America), Christophe Rapp (France), Mark Riddle (United States of America); Olivier Aoun (France), Peter Leggat (Australia)


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