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Professional Groups

ISTM Professional Groups are self-organized groups of 50 or more non-physician members with a common professional degree (e.g. nursing, pharmacy). All healthcare professionals, including physicians with sub-specializations, are eligible to form Interest Groups.

Professional groups are "bottom-up" entities that are created, driven and sustained by a critical mass of members. Interest groups must register with the Executive Board defined mechanisms for appointment and rotation of leadership and must have a Charter & Objectives document. Professional Groups may request funding for initiatives during the annual budgeting cycle. Criteria to support funding and sustainability of the Professional Group would include numbers of members affiliating with the group at the time of annual membership renewal, frequency and content of leadership teleconferences, development of substantive material for the ISTM website, and participation in group meetings at CISTM.

Professional Group members will have their affiliation with the Professional Group displayed as part of their membership listing in the ISTM online member directory that is available to all ISTM members for searching other members. Professional Group leadership has the ability to e-mail newsletters and items of common interest to all those affiliated with the interest group.

ISTM Operational Guidelines for Professional Groups can be found here.