Research Programs

ISTM offers a number of research programs to help further the field of travel medicine. Each year Research Grants are awards for cutting-edge research in the field. Travel Awards for CISTM Presenters are also provided to offer opportunities for those otherwise unable to attend and present at the International Congresses.

GeoSentinel® is a worldwide communication and data collection network for the surveillance of travel related morbidity. Initiated in 1995 by ISTM and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) it is a network of ISTM member travel/tropical medicine clinics. GeoSentinel® is based on the concept that these clinics are ideally situated to effectively detect geographic and temporal trends in morbidity among travellers, immigrants and refugees.

A subset of the ISTM GeoSentinel® Network, CanTravNet is a network of clinical experts in travel and tropical medicine from across Canada supporting the surveillance and detection of travel associated illness among Canadians, and providing a platform for communication and data collection among specialists in the field.

Also a subset of the ISTM GeoSentinel® Network, EuroTravNet is a network of European clinical experts in tropical and travel medicine to support detection, verification, assessment and communication of communicable diseases that can be associated with travelling and specifically with tropical diseases.